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Please visit

  1. W H O
    Any and every BONNELL / BUNNELL / etc.   or   'a relative of'   is invited to attend.
  2. W H E N
    Saturday, 04 July, 1998
    • Picnic area is open 8:00 AM till Sunset
    • Group photographs about 1:00 PM
  3. W H E R E
    Little Pine Creek State Park - Lower Picnic Area - Pavilion #4
    • In the heart of the PINE CREEK VALLEY, where many of the EARLY BONNELL's lived and died, since the late 1700's.
    • The park is located just north of Waterville, Lycoming County, PA.
      Here's the Little Pine State Park WEB Site.
    • Here's a map from MapQuest of the Waterville, PA area.
  4. W H Y
    To re-unite family members that have moved away from this valley, and
    to meet, many for the first time, descendants of our ancestors.
  5. H O W
    An open "bring-your-own" picnic at the state park - lots of room - shaded by the woods - along Little Pine Creek - below the dam & away from the main-picnic areas for some privacy.
    • A picnic pavilion is reserved, surrounded by lots of room and picnic tables for as many people that show up!
  6. B U T ...
    What else is there to do BEFORE or AFTER I meet all these relatives?
    Some people can only socialize for so long, then it gets boring!
                    (just keep in mind, that feeling may be mutual!   ;-)
    • There is a sand beach for swimming above the dam, plus boat rentals. And lots of fishing (this is fantastic TROUT area!) Hiking trails, too.
      Check out the Little Pine State Park WEB Site for more details.
    • You will be in the HEART of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation area for other camping, fishing, boating, hiking ...
    • Here's the PA Fly Fishing web site. Also, check out the stream locations.
    • You'll be about a 40-minute drive from Williamsport, PA -- with shopping, restaurants, and hotels/motels. Visit Williamsport On-Line for more information.
      Other close by towns are Lock Haven and Jersey Shore.
    • And check out the Pennsylvania Visitors Network.
      Little Pine State Park is located in Lycoming County,
      Little Pine Creek starts a little to the north in Tioga County, and
      Clinton County is just to the west.
    • Also, check out the on-line program guide of events, places, and things to do in North Central PA - Entertainment Review
    • You can reserve a camp site at Little Pine State Park or other state parks in the area - or - at a few commercial campgrounds in the neighborhood.
    • There are also a few restaurants close by, one within walking distance, if you don't want to do the 'picnic-lunch thing'!

    The picnic area is wheelchair accessible. Automobiles can also be driven right up-to the picnic pavilion for easy loading and unloading of equipment.
    Please call the Little Pine Park Office at (717) 753-6000 for any specific information or requirements.

  7. ... S O
    If you have any questions about the Reunion, or any good ideas, or want to offer help,
    please e-mail me: Steve Bonnell

    ** I'm looking into a Reunion T-Shirt - any interest?? **

    You could make a whole vaction in this area, then just stop-by on Saturday for the reunion!







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