In Search of John Bonnell

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This page is an attempt to organize information regarding a certain

He represents the LAST KNOWN ancestor in a branch of the
BONNELL Family Tree.

I'm starting with the information that was published on page 411 of Spencer Kraybill's book:
"Pennsylvania's PINE CREEK VALLEY and Pioneer Families"
(with permission, of course!)

Using Spencer's identification coding, this John Bonnell is BN1.


With this BASELINE list...

  1. born about 1757,
  2. married to Betsy Pandy
  3. lived in the Paxtan Creek area around Harrisburg, PA
  4. had SEVEN children
  5. moved to Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., PA about 1785
  6. moved to Erie, PA about 1802
  7. died in 1845
  8. buried in Waterford, about 15 miles from Erie.

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