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Spencer L. Kraybill

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Spencer L. Kraybill
1921 - 1995

for his meticulous and detailed work concerning the Pine Creek Valley in general,
and the information he documented concerning the
local BONNELL family in particular.

Latest   Update:
170917 [2017 Sep 17]

When I first started getting 'into' genealogy around 1997, completely by unintentional circumstances,
this was the first genealogy book (PA's Pine Creek Valley, Kraybill, copyright 1991) that fell into my hands.
With written permission, I have placed Kraybill's BONNELL info
from his book on-line (see below).

Over the years, I have become greatly aware of at least two other people
that were deeply involved in the details of this area, specifically:
Rhoda English Ladd   and   Helen Herritt Russell.
There is a picture of Rhoda English Ladd on page 380 of Kraybill's book.
In fact, Kraybill has included many of Russell's works, verbatim, within his book,
and his dedication reads:
"This book is dedicated to Helen Herritt Russell, 1898-1979,
for her outstanding contribution to Pine Creek History."

Russell's book, "The Tiadaghton Tale: History of Jersey Shore Area and its People" is copyrighted 1975.

Another book of local interest is "History of Little Pine Valley" by Harry Stephenson, Sr., published in 1992.
(I would like to display his BONNELL info also, as soon as I can get permission!)

If your interested in jumping to the BONNELLs in the whole country,
"The Bunnell/Bonnell Family in America - Volume I:
William Bunnell of Massachusetts Bay and New Haven Colonies, The First Five Generations",
by William R Austin, published 1999,
- and-
"The Bunnell/Bonnell Family in America - Second Edition"
'Consisting of Volume I Revised and Volume II'
'William Bunnell of Massachusetts Bay and New Haven Colonies'
"Comprising Full Accounts of the First Six Generations,
Vital Records of the Seventh Generation, and the
Names and Relationships of the Eighth Generation"
by William R Austin, published 2007,
here, or here, are the next leaps.

* * * Oct 2009 * * *

A book 'I heard tell about' for several years and finally got my hands on
(from a distant 5th cousin, Sally Keith in Ohio), specifically on the descendents of
John Bonnell   b.1757   d.1845   Erie Co, PA;   Revolutionary War Soldier   is

"The BONNELL Genealogy"   by   Sara Rebecca E. Spang, copyright 1992.
( More on this book below - see L2 )

Contents and URLs at bonnelltree: (sub-pages are also linked from the parent page) Usage:
LOCAL at this site:   THREE specific intentions and ONE general. Pages at
  L1. Identify the Parents/Siblings of John Bonnell, Revolutionary War Soldier  
  L2. Further identify Local BONNELL descendants (see also L3)
(basically located within Lycoming, Warren, Erie, & Tioga Co in North Central Pennsylvania)  
  L3. Similar to L2, further identify Local BONNELL descendants of the Pine Creek Valley (basically located within Lycoming, Warren, Erie, & Tioga Co in North Central Pennsylvania)  
  L4. Local Generic BONNELL information  
  L5. Display other BONNELL items collected, not nescesarily reltaed directly to me or this area.  
  L6. Identify BONNELL items more than just Local interest  
EXTERNAL to this site:   TWO general intentions Pages NOT at
  E1. Identify BONNELL external items of a LOCAL interest    
  E2. Identify BONNELL external items of more than just Local interest    
If you have any:
  Information to add, Comments to make, or Corrections to identify,
    please contact me, Steven L Bonnell.
Your Feedback please!

Initial ON-Line Date:   09 Sep 97
This is a project started to re-unite as many members of the
BONNELL Family Tree
as possible. I will be providing more information and details
as they become available and my time permits.

Any BONNELL or any one
'willing to publicly admit that they are a relative of a BONNELL'
is welcome to join in!
(a tough hurdle, I know!)

Please, visit this site often
to catch updates and revisions...

I plan on publishing a GENEALOGY TREE as soon as possible,
( ** it's HERE! - See InterneTree below ** )
plus addresses and e-mails
(WITH permission, of course) of relatives.

I'm already working with two distant relatives via e-mail!

If you have information or want to help, please contact me.

Be sure to review:
* Some known Tree/Branch uncertainties *

# R001   (09Sep97)   My 1st culdesac has been - RESOLVED -

    NEW INFO: 17Jan98
  • Have made the TIE to George Russell BONNELL's PARENTS!:
        My SUSPICION has been verified --
    So I now have made the LINK from to the next Branch.
    G.R.B. is the son of Thomas.

Special Thanks to Dorothy Smith for the lead and
William Austin (no email) for this information...

< My NEXT missing link is in Request # R0003 >

# R002   (15Sep97)   Our search for another Steven Bonnell: RESOLVED
    Initial INFO: 15Sep97
  • He has ONE Sister, SHERRY
  • His Father is BRUCE
  • His GrandParents were Clifford & Ida Bonnell
  • His GREAT-GrandParents were Wilbur & Sarah Jane Bonnell

One of his cousins is looking for him/YOU!
Can you help?

14 Mar 98 - - We FOUND HIM!
Thanks to his daughter who read this page and passed the info to him,
Steve has contacted me!
Thanks for all your help.
This will be a good story for the reunion!

# R003   (17Jan98)   My 2nd culdesac: John BONNELL, (Sr.)

    Initial INFO: 17Jan98
  • born about 1757(?) - don't know where.
  • lived in Paxton area, around Harrisburg, PA ca. 1790's
    moved to Lycoming Co - Pine Creek Valley area - around Jersey Shore, PA.
    moved to Erie(?), PA area, where he died 1845.
  • married to Betsy (Nancy) Pandy (?) abt 1779(?)
  • had seven children(?):
    • George Sr b. 1787;
      Sarah; Margaret; Nancy;
      Thomas b. 15 Jan 1775(?);
      John (Jr.) b. 10 Jun 1780(?);
      William b. 1788 - who also moved to Erie Co. in 1794
ANY and ALL information -- and/or GOOD LEADS -- are welcome!

  For ALL the latest info on this, please visit:


# R004   (13Sep08)   Special:  Mount BONNELL, Austin, TX

    $200. REWARD     05 Sep 2008
  • Namesake of Mount Bonnel, in Austin, Travis Co, Texas
  • Tradition says George W. Bonnell
  • New details suggests it was Joseph Bonnell
  • for full explanation & details, see
ANY and ALL information -- and/or GOOD LEADS --
are welcome!

  For ALL the latest info on this, please visit:


New and very valuable BONNELL Resources:
June 2007
We've started a Bonnell/Bunnell DNA Project
The Bunnell / Bonnell NEWSLETTER
Claude Bunnell's "BUnnell BOnnell BURnell" Database
BONNELL portion of Pine Creek Valley book


Other LINKS of BONNELL Interest
Interesting FACTS(?)
In Search of
There is also a Family Tree Maker BONNELL Page
with my LATEST
"BONNELL Descendants of Pine Creek Valley" listing at
Some Useful GENEALOGY Links
I'm using the
* Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition III, Rev. 4.4 Software Package
* Note - Some known Tree/Branch uncertainties:
There are SOME Family Ties I am NOT 100% conviced that are correct - YET.   These are the CONNECTIONS between:

1.   George Russell BONNELL and his father(?) Thomas BONNELL. - This is an assumption based on "circumstancial evidence". This is my MAIN connection I'm trying to prove/dis-prove. {R0001}
  - NOTE (17Jan98): This has been verified to be TRUE!

2.   The ties from Benjamin BONNELL down to John Bonnell, Sr. These ties are based on entries in an old family Bible - but some of the info does not seem to agree with other published data. This is my SECOND target area to prove/disprove.
  - NOTE (17Jan98): More information has shown this assumed connection to be FALSE! - I now have a broken tie at John Bonnell - WHO are his parents?? {R0003}

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Spencer Kraybill's wonderful 1354-page book,

and Pioneer Families

  contains a tremendous amount of information, some of which, with permission, has been referenced at this site.


also visit my Other Links Page - for new stuff from time to time!

Comments, complaints, corrections, additions?
Your opinions are welcome -
... but, in keeping with a long standing BONNELL tradition,
I reserve the right to   ignore them!   ;-)

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