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The present hypothesis:
'There is no documentation that has yet surfaced' of the Parents, Siblings, or Birth location
for this John Bonnell (Bunnell), an American Revolutionary War Soldier;
who lived in Paxtang, Lancaster Co, PA; Lycoming Co, PA; and Erie Co, PA; and died there ca 1845.
I am searching for DOCUMENTATION to change this.
If YOU can add more clues, please contact me.

July 2007:
    A. Here is a comparison spreadsheet of several John Bonnell's who were Revolutionary War soldiers.
    This information discerns several of the claims found on the Internet and other sources.

    B. On the Unattached Branches page at the Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter site,
        there is a discussion that was published in October 1994 by
          William R Austin (see #4, above) concerning this John Bonnell, referenced as UB-006.

   C. A very insightful presentation of this John Bunnell's life in Erie, PA
        is at the Erie County (PA) Genealogy - Family Histories site (go about 1/3 the way down the page),
          Rees' Pieces - Part 4 - Neighbors that was published about 2000 - 2002 by   Beth Simmons.

From 1998: (the original page)

1. John Bonnell BN1 is reported to have been born about 1757, somewhere in NJ

2. John and Nancy {Betsy} (Pandy) Bonnell - married about 1779. {KR.412}        

3.  They were reported to live in the Paxton Creek area, around Harrisburg, PA about 1779.{KR.412}

4.  Their 7 children:   Sarah, Margaret, Nancy, Thomas, John Jr., George, and William. {KR}
     Are the dates and places accurate?    What about the missing dates and locations?

5.  John moved to the Jersey Shore area, Lycoming Co., PA about 1785 {KR.411+413}
      Is this a good date? How much of his family came along? 

6.  John moved to Erie, PA about 1802. {KR.413
     What records are available in Erie?

7.  John died in 1845 in Erie.
     What records are available?     Do they provide any more info on his background?

8.   John is buried in Waterford, about 15 miles from Erie.
     Can the Grave-site be located?


the BN# refers to the identification code in Kraybill's book,
Pennsylvania's PINE CREEK VALLEY and Pioneer Families
and the {KR.#} refers to the specific page number.

Comments,  corrections,  additions?
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