This is information from the 'BONNELL' contents of
Sara Rebecca E. Spang's 136-page book
printed ~ 1992, which specificaly starts with
(1) John Bonnell, Revolutionary War Soldier,
who died in Erie Co, PA in 1845.


Sara Rebecca Emery Earon Spang (373) died in December 1963. Although she had done much of the research, another relative, Mary Marguerite Earon Jamieson (680) worked to get the book published. Sara was the Regent of Lakewood Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution 1959-1961.

Here is some of the contents of this book:

Index pages:   LAST, First   IndexPages
  ABLE, Clara   p118-119,          BONNELL, Ethel L.   p120-121,   BONNELL, Richard L.   p122-123,
  COPPES, Ann L.   p124-125,   FLAUGH, Andrew   p126-127,       HOOD, Hannah   p128-129,
  McCALL, Ora   p130-131,       PESTO, Cynthia A.   p132-133,     STRICKLING, Rolla   p134-135,
  WOLF, Michael   p136-137.

Here are some special pages:
Sara Rebecca Emery Earon Spang picture p2, Bonnell Genealogy Part-I p3.

Here's the tie between Bonnell and Emery: Mary Bonnell (118) + George Emery p4.
A partial Service Record of John Bonnell: Service Record JohnBonnell p30.

Starting with NUMBER (1) : John Bonnell b.1757 Dublin, Ireland; d.1845 Waterford Twp, Erie Co, PA; on page 32,
the book goes to NUMBER (1297) on page 128, in a list of descendents, spouses, and families of John Bonnell. There are many other Surnames, not just BONNELL, in the book, with Eight Generations of some Bonnell's and other names, and Nine Generations of a few others.

Bonnell Genealogy Part-II p31.

  (Person NUMBERS) page:
(1-8) p32,         (9-29) p33,       (30-46) p34,       (47-57) p35,       (58-79) p36,
(80-102) p37,   (103-125) p38,   (126-158) p39,   (159-184) p40,   (185-211) p41,
(212-231) p42,   (232-258) p43,   (259-283) p44,   (284-310) p45,   (311-334) p46,
(335-360) p47,   (361-380) p48,   (381-411) p51,   (412-433) p52,   (434-456) p53,
(457-488) p54,   (489-516) p55,   (517-533) p56,   (534-553) p57,   (554-573) p58,
(574-598) p59,   (599-621) p60,   (622-647) p61,   (648-670) p62,   (671-693) p65,
(694-719) p67,   (720-745) p68,   (746-779) p69,   (780-805) p70,   (806-835) p71,
(836-866) p72,   (867-896) p73,   (897-924) p74,   (925-949) p75,   (950-970) p76,
(971-996) p77,   (997-1025) p78,   (1026-1046) p80,   (1047-1066) p90,   (1067-1090) p93,
(1091-1118) p96,   (1119-1143) p97,   (1144-1170) p98,   (1171-1200) p99,   (1201-1225) p100,
(1226-1253) p103,   (1254-1279) p106,   (1280-1287) p107,   (1288-1297) p108.

** BOOKS are NO LONGER AVAILABLE from me, Sorry ** 110220
( - for Historical Refernce only -:
      So, as of December 2009, they are FOR SALE (until they are gone)
      for $15.00, which includes media shipping. )

Further research MAY show that some of the genealogical information included in this book is in error. That information will be identified as it is provided to me.

I am not included in this book,          
          but my tree grows right through it!

With your help, I would like to publish both Additional information, Added people, and Corrections to this reference.
My biggest interest is any information about John Bonnell, the Revolutionary Was Soldier.
PROVING the origin, wife, and parents of John Bonnell . I started a page just for this John at In Search of John Bonnell. The first addition, obviously, will be my own branch!

See my BonnellTree page for more BONNELL Genealogy, Information.
And here's a link to the BONNELL DNA Project.

Your comments and feedback are welcome:
Steven L Bonnell

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