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[ date offered: 2008 Sep 05 (080905) ]

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  More Details for the "WANTED $200.00 REWARD Offered" for the Mount Bonnell marker.
      MUST READ items:   1 for WHO, WHAT & WHY;   2 for Explanation and References;
        8 for the earliest known 'printed' use of the name "Mount BONNELL".
          This page will be updated with more information as time goes on...
  1)  Reprint of the Bunnell / Bonnell Newsletter 'REWARD' page of August 2008 issue

            This briefly explains:
            WHO is sponsoring the Reward, WHAT the Reward is for, and WHY it is being offered.
      "A $200 reward is offered to the first person who can provide conclusive evidence
      that Mount Bonnell was truly named for George W. Bonnell.
  2)  Joseph Bonnell     'A Texas hero ignored by history'     Feb 9, 2006
                ** This is a MUST READ for the full Explanation and References. **
    A later version of the document that convinced me that Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas, was named for Joseph and not for George.
                (use the line-numbers if you want to correspond concerning this document)
    EVEN if you are not particularly trying to provide the 'proof' for the REWARD, any and all COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, and MORE INFORMATION & OTHER REFERENCES will be appreciated.
            Document Author:     Seldon B. Graham, Jr.

        With Reference Line-Numbers: Joseph_Bonnell Texas_Hero 080906-1340N.pdf

            ( Without Line-Numbers: Joseph_Bonnell Texas_Hero 080906-1340.pdf )
  3)  Picture of the Mount Bonnell Historical Marker
        by the 'State Historical Survey Committee'
            “Mount Bonnell ... was named for George W. Bonnell ...”
  (1860 is my img-ref #, not a date!)
  4)  Reference for 'The Texas Rules of Evidence'
            Web site: http://www.courts.state.tx.us/rules/tre-toc.asp
            'The Texas Rules of Evidence' .pdf: .../TRE/tre-all-010107.pdf
  5)  My original info concerning   Lydia's Prayer Book   mentioned in the newsletter
  6)  The Joseph Bonnell Grave Marker - provided by the Republic of Texas -
        at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA

            ( more details on   Lydia's Prayer Book   page, above )
  7)  The 'impromptu meeting' between Sel and me on 080804 (2008Aug04)
        at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas ...
  8)  Here is a short review of the earliest known printed use of the name 'Mount Bonnell' ...
        in a book by George W. Bonnell ...
  So, WHY didn't he say so ??
  9)   Other References for George W. Bonnell

  10)   Other References for Joseph Bonnell
  11)   Mount Bonnell Timeline : George : Joseph : Texas
 If you have any:
    Information to add, Comments to make, or Corrections to identify,
      please contact me, Steven L Bonnell via Reward@KBSB.com
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