Lydia Bonnell's Prayer Book
Captain Joseph Bonnell
Mount Bonnell, Austin, TX

On Friday, 14 Apr 2006, I was contacted via e-mail concerning a Prayer Book, ca. 1840's, that belonged to a Lydia Bonnell of Philadelphia, PA, which included some personal notations on its pages. Some of the information made reference to her brother, Captain Joseph Bonnell.

I was asked one basic question:
  Can you help me track down the descendants of Lydia, Joseph, Samuel or George Bonnell ??

At the time, I could not document any living relatives. I did some digging and tried some internet searches, with nothing obvious surfacing. Then the owner of the book decided to send it to me, for me to keep, until I can find a better person to take ownership. (Maybe a 'more appropriate person' to take ownership says it better... at least, that's the way I hope she meant it!)

Anyway, I have the Prayer Book in my possession. And, I believe I found someone that I highly suspect is a descendent, but this person hasn't responded to me, yet. However, as you know, and I do understand this, unless your 'into Genealogy', and, especially in this day and age, anyone that is asking such personal questions "is someone to avoid!"

I feel my next step is to go public on the Internet and hope I can raise the correct person's or persons' interest enough to contact me. Even if only to say
"Yes, I'm a descendeant, but No, I'm not interested in accepting the Prayer Book." would be fine.
I already have some ideas of where I will place the book if this happens.

The following are some details and pictures of, what I'm calling, "Lydia Bonnell's Prayer Book".
And, if you have any clues or suggestions to help my quest, please, contact me.

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Miss Lydia Bonnell
  Prayer Book :   10 images from the book.
  1. Prayer Book Binding       PB-LB_000_Cover.jpg
  2. Lydia's hand written "Lydia Bonnell's Book."      PB-LB_001_Lydia.jpg
  3. Prayer Book's Title Page       PB-LB_002_Title.jpg
  4. Prayer Book's Preface Page       PB-LB_003_Preface.jpg
    "Your affectionate Aunt Lydia Bonnell" hand written note, as if Lydia eventually gave this Prayer Book to a Niece or Nephew.
  5. Prayer Book's Family Record page 1: Births       PB-LB_004_FR1.jpg
    Mary Anna Bonnell was born upon the 17th of August, 1822
    Samuel Bonnell Junior was born upon the 29th of February, 1824
    George Bringhurst Bonnell was born upon the 28th of August, 1825
    Charles Russell Bonnell was born in May, 1827
    Adelaid Bonnell was born August 18th, 1861 at two o'clock Sunday morning.
  6. Prayer Book's Family Record page 3: Deaths      PB-LB_005_FR3.jpg
    1840 Captain Joseph Bonnell of the 8th Regiment of Infantry, a native of Philadelphia. Died on Sabbath morning, September 27th, in his 38th year.
    1826 Charles Bonnell, a native of Philadelphia. Born Mar. 10th, 1796. Died September 9th, 1826.
  7. Prayer Book's Family Record page 4:  Deaths     PB-LB_006_FR4.jpg
    Samuel Bonnell was born 6th of August, 1790. Died May 31st, at half after two o'clock in the morning 1862.
    Mr. George Bonnell died July Tuesday 19th five minutes before 2 o'clock in the morning, 1859.
        ( this could be a Mrs ?? )
    Miss Lydia Bonnell, sister of Samuel, Charles and Joseph, died in Philadelphia 24th August 1864, between 6 and 7 o'clock pm.
  8. Prayer Book - Newspaper clipping 1       PB-LB_007_CaptJoseph.jpg
    In reference to the funeral of Joseph, it reads:
    "Yourself and family are particularly invited to the Funeral of Capt. Joseph Bonnell, from the residence of his brother, Samuel Bonnell, No. 32 New-Market Street, at 3 o'clock on Tuesday Afternoon, the 29th instant.     Sept. 28, 1840."
  9. Prayer Book - Newspaper clipping 2       PB-LB_008_Poem.jpg
    The article is titled "Song of a Spirit Entering Heaven".
    Appears to be in reference to Bishop Waugh.
  10. Prayer Book - Mysterious cut-out from a page!       PB-LB_009_CutOut.jpg
  11. Prayer Book Subscribers List, page 800    &   PB-LB_010_Subscribers.jpg
    Among the several pages (799 - 809), it lists two Bonnels:
    Bonnel, H. W.             New York.
    Bonnel, Miss Lydia     Philadelphia.
Captain Joseph Bonnell
  Newspaper Articles
  Military History
  Recent Developments
  Mount Bonnell, Austin, TX
  • Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
        The grave site and marker in Laurel Hill:     Bnl_4156_a.jpg
        Grave site marker stone with family members close-up:     Bnl_4149_a.jpg
            For Lydia, Joseph, and others.
        Special Texas Historical Marker close-up:     Bnl_4151_a.jpg
    " ... Captain Joseph Bonnell, who died September 27, 1840, was the only Active Duty U.S. Army Officer who was a Hero of the War for Texas Independence."
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