This is the complete 'BONNELL' contents of Spencer L. Kraybill's 1354-page book
"Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Valley and Pioneer Families", published in 1991, which includes over 20,000 names (his count, not mine!).

This is being displayed here with written permission from Spencer Kraybill's wife, Marie Kraybill. Spencer died in 1995. Here is Spencer's biography from page 1354.

Here is the list of The Pioneer Families & How to Identify an Individual using Spencer's ID number sequence. On the page-link names, I have added a 'b' symbol 'b' to indicate 'more than one page'.

The Bonnell Index from the book's page 1305. This indicates ID #'s, not page numbers.
Here is brief a Name : ID# : Page# index that I generated.
and are only included here to make the book-content complete.

The Bonnell pages start at BN_411 and go to BN_448. Here are the links for the pages:

411 412 Although John Bonnell BN1's father is NOT proven yet, it is NOT what is shown.
    See In Search of John Bonnell for more information and comparison details.

413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448.

Spencer also had an UPDATE for the BONNELL portion of the book. Here are those pages:
432U 433U 434U 434Ua 434Ub 434Uc 435U 436U 436Ua 436Ub 436Uc 437Ua.

There are additional generic pages that have information, names, and even pictures referencing BONNELL:
024 058b 065 088 118b 138b 138 141 148b 157 158ba 158 160b 162b 164 166 185 186b 188b 190b 193 194b 196 197 198 204b 216b 218 243b 250b 253 254 280 281 304 326b.

There are also pages from other NAME sections referencing BONNELL:
CM_596b CN_630b CR_613 CR_617 CR_622 HR_0826 HR_0828b HR_0830b HR_0834b HT_891 L_951 L_961 T_1163b W_1252b W_1254b W_1257 W_1282b W_1292b. A very special page concerning W1611114 Michael Frederick Wolf b.28 Apr 1919 d.15 Dec 1944 of page 1255.

Here are some unique pages of special subjects from this area:
Bears_1146 Deer_1142b Rattlesnakes_1139b.jpg Tome_1167.

Further research has shown that some of the genealogical information included in this book is in error. However, my reason for displaying this reference book's BONNELL content is to share what Spencer has collected (mainly from family members) as good clues to the Pine Creek Valley area information.

I am not included in this book,          
          but my tree grows right through it!

With your help, I would like to publish both Additional information, Added people, and Corrections to this reference. The biggest correction would be PROVING the parents of John Bonnel BN1. I started a page just for this John at In Search of John Bonnell. The first addition, obviously, will be my own branch!

See my BonnellTree page for more BONNELL Genealogy, Information.
And here's a link to the BONNELL DNA Project.

Your comments and feedback are welcome:
Steven L Bonnell

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