Little League Baseball®
World Series
Volunteer Stadium ART PRINT

This Artist's Print of the Little League Baseball ® Volunteer Stadium
is a New Release for 2008, First Edition. Little League Baseball World Series has evolved from a ball field to a Baseball Complex. All of the revisions, additions, and improvements called for an additional print for this second field, the Volunteer Stadium.

"The Volunteer Stadium"

[artist's Stadium VS1]
Note that each tinted print is unique... no two are exactly alike.
[artist's Stadium VS2]

Several teams have used the black & white prints as autographed mementos for the folks back home by having each player on the team and the coaching staff sign the prints, being sure they reserve at least one autographed print for their trophy case!

These collector art prints are available in 11" x 14" size. All prints are signed by the artist. Custom tints are available by request, i.e. sunsets, crowd scenes, Big Game Day, etc. Available framed and un-framed.
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