Carl E. Stotz Field - The ORIGINAL
Birthplace of Little League Baseball 

This Limited Edition Artist's Print of the Carl E. Stotz Field was first offered in 1998. The black & white rendition of  "The ORIGINAL FIELD" is also available in color: hand tinted by the artist Kathleen B. Bonnell. Note that each tinted print is unique.

"The Original Field"


This field is  "The Birthplace of Little League Baseball".  Located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on West Fourth Street near Memorial Park/Bowman Field, this field was the "Home of the First 12 Little League Baseball World Series" from 1947 thru 1958. 

It was on a site now called Park Point - just several 100-yards away - that the first Little League Game was played on June 6, 1939.


These collector art prints are available in 11" x 14" size. All prints are signed & numbered by the artist. Custom tints are available by request. 

to order: contact the artist Kathleen B. Bonnell

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