WHY InterNet Bill Boards?

WHY use an INBB (InterNet Bill Board)?

The claim:

A convenient method to provide a
on the Information Super Highway.
Quick, easy, straight to the point, and cheap!

What justifies this claim:

Let's do the affordable first!

How short or long the Bill Board is depends on what you have to say. For a Bill Board, too much information will take too long to read - or too long to LOAD onto the computer display. Pictures and Graphics take the most time to load - so their 'use' must be justified by the impact they will make on the viewer. Usually, only a line or two will provide the necessary information: what the business does, how to get more info, etc.

The best strategy might be to grab the viewer's attention with a short Bill Board, then refer to larger (but slower loading) WEB PAGES for all the details! It depends again upon what you want to say. The full blown WEB page can be added later if and when you feel it would be a benefit.

The real magic, the real trick of technology is, HOW can an Internet Bill Board be found and noticed?

I hope this has been useful. I know I may have assumed a basic understanding of some operations that a user may not actually be familiar with. (... I know - preposition!) Please contact me and I will be happy to explain in greater detail.

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