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Tuesday, 17 July, 2001 - 5 Years


Saturday, 17 July, 1999

Flight 800 Memorial Dedication Ceremony

" ... In an instant, life changed forever. ..."
A portion of the inscription
from the Flight 800 Memorial.

21 trees
planted 21 feet apart
in an endless circle.

The Montoursville Memorial Gardens.

Montoursville's Angel The names ...

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Monday, 25 August, 1997

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Thursday, 18 July, 1996 4:45 AM

Just a little over six hours ago, while my wife and I were watching ABC's "Prime Time Live", the program was interrupted with a Special Report . It was news about the crash of TWA's Flight 800 just south of Long Island, New York, at about 8:40 PM. The crash, with the possible death count of 212 passengers and 17 crew members (32 by one count) - along with the speculation of a possible "bomb" aboard - was a shock of reality. Of course we felt bad for victims of the accident, but little did we know how close to home this fell.

Road Sign - MONTOURSVILLE - 1 3/4

The reports by Peter Jennings and ABC News, trying to provide information from some call-in "witnesses", could not, understandably, provide many details. There were even reasons not to take all of what we heard too seriously - common problems in such a live coverage situation. At shortly after 11:00 PM, I turned off TV to get some sleep.


At about 2:30 AM, I woke up hearing noises from my youngest son - still watching TV! When I went into the living room to see what was going on, he told me the close to home news:

This has NOT been confirmed as true, yet (5:22 AM), but things don't sound hopeful.


Thursday, 18 July, 1996 5:30 PM

I'm now home from work and have found that the WORST is true - the 21 people have been confirmed to have boarded the plane..

 MONTOURSVILLE High School There will be a Special Service tonight at the Montoursville High School at 8:00 PM.

Also, there are two special funds that have been established for the Montoursville Area:

There is heavy talk about a possible "missle" attack on the plane . . . !

The few names I've heard are shocking to me - friends and neighbors! My kids' friends, my wife's friends. (I have three sons - two have graduated from Montoursville High - one is still attending. My wife was the president of the PTO during some of their grade school years. My wife and children were probably closer to most of these people than I . . .)

Friday, 19 July, 1996 6:40 AM

If you are interested in reading or sending E-MAIL to Montoursville, please visit:
(** update note: PenNet is no longer is business **)
(** you can try these other flight 800 links**)

The local Montoursville ISP, PenNet or
click here to send a condolence message to Montoursville via PenNet
which be forwarded to the Montoursville High School.

Friday, 19 July, 1996 4:45 PM

. . . and, at last, the NAMES have been officially released. Tonight however, for some reason, I feel the need to keep it a family night - so I'll not spend time with the computer but place the names on this page tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 July, 1996 6:00 AM


The NAMES of the 21 people from the Montoursville area are:

Our chaperones:

Deborah Dickey, our French teacher,
and her husband, Douglas Dickey;
Carol Fry, our former school board member;
Judy Rupert, our high school secretary;
Eleanor Wolfson, parent of a student.

Miss You

Slow Our students:

Jessica Aikey '97
Daniel Baszczewski '96
Michelle Bohlin '98
Jordon Bower '97
Monica Cox '98
Claire Gallagher '99
Julia Grimm '99
Rance Hettler '96
Amanda Karschner '97


Jody Loudenslager '96
Cheryl Nibert '98
Kimberly Rogers '97
Larissa Uzupis '98
Jacquelin Watson '96
Monica Weaver '97
Wendey Wolfson '97.

Wednesday, 28 Aug, 1996 5:50 PM

Finally, the last of the 21 bodies has been identified and will be returned home to Montoursville.

'Thank You' to all the Coast Guard, Navy, New York State Police, and everyone else who was involved with the recovery effort. I'm sure we'll never know of all the people that helped nor all the sacrifices you went through to just 'do your job', plus all the extra effort to do 'more than expected'. Your efforts are appreciated.

Please visit often . . . I would like to include more information on each person and I do not want to duplicate information that can be found at other sources - just the special information that friends and family may want publicly displayed.

This is not meant to ignore the other people who lost their lives on this flight. Out of the 230 fatalities, 17 were crew members and 213 were passengers . . . and we all realize the loss to each and every family, the world over.
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The High School has large yellow "We Will Miss You" papers lining some hallways for people to write down a special message . . .
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The high school baseball field . . . E-mail and Snail-mail messages line other hallways.
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Overlook Signl From overlook
MHS 21 Old bridge
On Broad Street. Hallway
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Monday's Sunrise - 22 July 1996, about 5:45 AM -

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Monday's Sunrise
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